Technology Alliance Program Benefits

BMC Technology Alliance Program (TAP) partners receive a robust set of technical and marketing benefits to support the successful integration of solutions that are aligned with BMC Software. BMC alliance partnerships provide added value to our shared customers through stronger products and solutions. View additional detail about BMC Technology Alliance Program resources and benefits below.

TAP overview


Benefit Description
Partner profile
BMC Technology Alliance Program (TAP) offers resources and benefits to complement the business objectives of TAP partners.


TAP includes training discounts, roadmap reviews, access to a vast online repository of technical resources, and listings in the Technology Alliances Directory and the TAP Partner Product Directory. TAP partners receive licensing for up to three BMC product families and the necessary developer resources to produce a custom integration. Upon completion of the integration, the partner can submit the product for validation, and if approved, can obtain the rights to use the TAP Validated logo. In addition to developer tools available online, partners receive developer support and an invitation to attend the annual Developers Conference. Partners also have access to a variety of marketing resources and tools to generate awareness and increase marketability of their solutions. The annual fee for TAP is $6000.

Technology conferences Small regional events held periodically with forward-looking roadmaps, program planning, training, and breakout sessions. TAP partners see calendar events on the TAP Partner Portal for more information. 
Product roadmap reviews Product roadmaps are available through periodic webinars hosted by BMC product managers. Open to all TAP partners, the product roadmaps help partners plan strategies for their continued development of BMC integrations. 
Development tool access Development software and other tools are a primary TAP benefit. Partners can download current and previous versions of select BMC Software products. In addition, the BMC Support site provides all patches and product documentation files, including release notes, white papers, and technical bulletins. TAP partners also can obtain SDKs, APIs, and other materials to help them build robust integrations.
Product validation When integration development is complete, TAP partners can further capitalize on their BMC Technology Alliance Program partnership through TAP validation, receiving leads generated through online integration notes (iNotes) that customers and sales personnel can download. Partners can also list their validated integrations in the TAP Partner Product Directory on BMC Communities, which is viewed by thousands of potential customers every day. Validation ensures that partners are marketing their solutions to their greatest potential.
Developer support BMC Software developers are available to coach the partner in the integration process: from determining the right BMC products to download to setting up a development environment.
Program newsletter TAP partners receive a regular newsletter with technical updates and advisories on important program news, events, training opportunities, and marketing resources. All newsletters are archived in the TAP Partner Portal of BMC Communities for continual reference. Partners can send newsletter subscription requests to
Program webinars TAP offers webinars for partners. Webinar content includes reviews of upcoming training schedules, product validation processes, and success stories, as well as presentations from BMC product managers.
Technical training TAP offers partners a 30% discount from vast catalog of courses from the BMC Education Services department.
Software licenses TAP supplies the software licenses necessary for development, testing, and demonstration. The entire partner product team has access to the necessary platforms to build top-notch integrations. License details vary by BMC product solutions; however, licenses generally are valid through the term of the contract, reducing the burden of renewing short-term licenses every few weeks. BMC provides licenses for up to three BMC product families . 
Alliance manager Alliance managers support partners with product roadmaps, success stories, press releases, and high-level business planning. Partners can request support from the alliance manager by sending an email request to
Program logo usage

The Technology Alliance Program provides endorsement logos for the use of its partners in advertising, promotional materials, event signage, and for other marketing activities. TAP partners with validated solutions may use the exclusive TAP Validated logo, and partners may use the TAP partner logo. Partners must adhere to the guidelines posted in the Acquiring and using TAP and BMC logos and branding document on the TAP Partner Portal on BMC Communities (log in required).

TAP Partner Portal

TAP partnership includes access to the TAP Partner Portal, where partners can find assistance with maximizing their exposure in the marketplace and with building solutions that solve critical business problems. This community provides technical, training, and marketing documentation, code samples, utilities, toolkits, and integration resources that enhance the value of BMC Software solutions. Partners can use the TAP Partner Portal to manage their directory listings, download instructional guides, review press release and BMC branding guidelines, and discuss issues with BMC employees and other partners.  

Marketing Toolkit The TAP Marketing Toolkit provides partners with tools and resources to raise awareness of integrated solutions. The marketing toolkit is accessible within the TAP Partner Portal. TAP partners receive templates and instructional guides on how to manage listings, create press releases, and maximize exposure within BMC Communities.
Partner directory listing Listings in the Technology Alliances Directory, located in a public area of BMC Communities, are free to all TAP partners. BMC Communities is accessed by more than 23,000 visitors weekly, giving partners a highly-visible forum to spotlight their BMC affiliation to a global community of customers, partners, and sales representatives. The partner directory displays the company profiles with descriptions of their products and services, company contact information, and the identification of complementary BMC products and services. 
Product directory listing The TAP Partner Product Directory is strategically placed within BMC Communities, which attracts thousands of highly targeted users of BMC solutions interested in integrations, services, and other complementary solutions. TAP partners, with either validated or non-validated solutions, can showcase their integrations along with company profiles, contact information, and product and service descriptions. The TAP Validated icon displays next to validated listings.   
Press release support BMC provides support for partners who are releasing announcements regarding BMC and TAP relationships or regarding new integration availability. Support includes tools, tips, and guidelines on the TAP Partner Portal that outline the process from submission to release.
Success story support

The TAP Partner Portal contains tips for writing effective success stories about benefits, events, or other announcements of interest to our joint customers. The TAP team works with partners to develop success stories emphasizing partner integrations and customer benefits and to suggest appropriate media venues for sharing.

Social media support Upon advanced request, BMC reposts suitable announcements from partners in online social venues to extend awareness of the product integration with the BMC Software solution.

BMC reserves the right to change the rules and processes of this program at its discretion.